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Capital Gains Tax

The process of buying and selling international property can often get quite sticky when it comes to taxation. Real estate investment in thriving areas across the world can be a great way that you can earn money but it can ultimately take a toll when you consider some of the taxes that you might have to pay on any real estate sale.
Capital gains tax is a tax that you could be subject to paying if you sell a property abroad. If you are a US citizen and you have just sold a property in the UK, you could be subject to paying capital gains tax back to the United States as well as any other taxes in the UK on the property sale.

What is capital gains tax?
Capital gains tax is a taxation amount that applied to a sale after you have sold a major asset or capital property. This type of capital gains taxes often applied after you sell a major asset such as a stock or a piece of property. It's likely that you may have paid tax on the cost of your home or the asset you bought up front, but after it sells you'll be responsible for paying taxes on the adjusted base cost of the asset after it's appreciated.
How property prices in UK differ from prices in US?
Property prices in many locations across the UK can be much more expensive. If you are living in the city centre of London for example, you could get at a real estate investment and make substantially more than selling a home in the middle of Florida. As property prices are so different in the UK and inflated by a favourable exchange rate, you could be responsible for paying even more tax on the foreign sale of real estate in the UK.
After selling a property in the UK you could be responsible for paying capital gains back to the United States for the incoming earnings that you will have in the appreciation of the property in the UK. This could mean paying extra for the exchange rate from Pound sterling to US dollars as well as the extra earnings on a piece of real estate that could be valued considerably higher than something in the United States.

We provide advice on implications of capital gains tax of selling your property in UK
As experts in capital gains tax in the UK, we want to provide you with the best advice on selling your property and how you can avoid paying extensive taxes during the sale. We want to make sure that you are armed with the right knowledge when it comes to avoiding excessive taxation on your foreign real estate.

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