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Non Resident Landlord Tax

The process of acquiring rental income can often be seen as a favourable way to produce a passive income. The problem that many UK residents face is the idea of taxes and fees that are associated with becoming a landlord. Understanding the various fees that you could face on rental income can be important to managing your risk as a landlord in the future. Here are some top considerations you should make as a new landlord:

What is non resident landlord tax?
If you are renting property in the UK but not a current resident it's very important that you register under the nonresident landlord tax scheme. If the right you are charging is more than £100 per week tenants must deduct the tax. All taxes returned must also be claimed for your yearly rental income in accordance with UK law.

How non residents are different from residents?
Nonresidents of the UK have their primary address in a different country. As a result they need to fill in an application to ensure that all of their rental properties are logged and that they comply with UK tax obligations. Nonresidents are also required to report any of the income that they are earning in the UK as a result of rental income. The application needs to be updated if a nine resident is planning on updating the rental value of the property, if they upgrade the property itself or if there's new information regarding the property.
If a nonresident fails to disclose their rental income or fails to supply the information that's requested on behalf of UK tax law, they may no longer have an approval to run a legal rental property within the UK.

What are the issues involved being a non resident in UK and paying landlord tax?
Paying the excess landlord tax can often lead to the need to increase rental values just to make sure that a nonresident property owner can still get value out of their rent itself. This can often lead to unfair competition within the market for local property owners versus nonresident property owners.
As many tenants are also interested in looking for legal rentals at a value price, if a nonresident is unable to satisfy the requirements that are needed for a rental property and taxation, they will be unable to offer a legal rental that comes as a priority for many tenants. Living in a legal rental canal to make sure that it can and has access to the maximum number of rights for long term housing that they need to feel secure.

We can help with advice and assistance on landlord tax and payments
If you are in need of assistance as a landlord and you want to make sure that you can get payments out of your property without getting stuck with serious tax implications, we can provide you with assistance today. Contact our staff immediately if you are in need of advice on rental information for tax purposes as a non-UK resident.

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