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Non Resident Capital Gains Tax

When selling various assets, you may be interested to know that you could be responsible for paying taxes that relate to the appreciated value of that asset. Even if you are not a resident of the UK or the US, you could be responsible for paying capital gains tax on items like real estate, stock and more.

What is capital gains tax?
The basic idea of capital gains tax is paying profits on the sale of a non-inventory asset. These assets can be anything from stocks to bonds, to either real estate. When the asset has a chance to appreciate to a point where it is far greater than the amount realised that sale, you could be responsible for paying capital gains tax back to the government were the sale was made.
Not every country worldwide implement a capital gains tax but in the United States you could be responsible for paying capital gains on property, precious metal, stocks and bonds. Even if you are a non-resident, you will be responsible for paying some form of tax in the UK with capital gains.

How non residents are different from residents?
If you're living abroad you will still have to pay capital gains taxes on any residential property in the UK. Even if you're considered a non-resident for taxation purposes. You will not have to pay capital gains tax on certain UK assets such as your shares on UK companies unless you do plan on returning within 5 years of leaving the UK. Capital gains tax could be a very real possibility for you if you are planning on selling assets overseas.

What are the issues involved being a non resident in UK and paying capital gains tax?
While there are certain assets such as vehicles that will not be subject to capital gains tax, it's very important to remember that your sale of a UK asset will result in paying capital gains tax if it has appreciated. Some of the other capital gains tax allowances include tax-free allowance if an asset has not appreciated by more than £11,700 or £5850 in trusts. If you plan on selling an asset that has valued more than these considerations however, you will be forced to pay the extra tax.

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