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EDA’s Commitment to the Community

EDA’s philanthropy program aims to improve the lives and prospects of adults and young people internationally. The program focuses on areas where EDA’s donations, skills, and knowledge play a significant role.
EDA provides a package of support that typically includes: Employee volunteering and funding.
Our focus is to make a difference and have an impact in big and small ways.
We sponsor two leading associations: 
Epilepsy Sparks and Mencap.

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Epilepsy Sparks empowers those affected by epilepsy by educating them regarding their condition. It bridges that gap between neurologists, researchers, scientists, mathematicians, patients and families. It makes learning about epilepsy and mental health conditions interesting and cool rather than frightening and embarrassing! Epilepsy Sparks works with epilepsy charities, with labs, and with companies promoting better levels of health and wellbeing for those affected by epilepsy, including those involving tech, art, research, and more.


Mencap is a charity that supports those with learning disabilities. Most days, you will find our HR Manager, Holly Rose, helping people with Down Syndrome, or Cerebral Palsy achieve their goals and ensuring they experience life like everyone else while building their confidence.

Take a look at this short video to see how the EDA Foundation has been supporting our charities: